About Me

A little about me, my hobbies and what makes me tick…

Well…..I’m Emrys, pronounced ‘Em-riss’ and I’m 32 years old living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK. I was a primary school teacher in a former life and still do occasionally on the side do supply, but wedding photography is now a profession which I am lucky enough to call my job.
In my free time, I love to spend time both in and out the house (especially in the Peak District) with my wife, Ellie, our bat-shit dog, Hallie the Vizsla and her much calmer brother, Squidge the Cat. ‘Why ‘Squidge’? I hear you ask. In the words of my wife, ‘Because he’s just so SQUIDGY!’. Can’t argue with that logic.
As well as this, I play sports badly. Football & golf are the main ones nowadays and I dabbled in ice hockey for a fair few years until recently. I have the wish to take up some form of martial art in its place, but I’m trying to get the balls to get my head kicked in week in week out.
I’m a fan of Sheffield Wednesday (half the time wish I wasn’t) which means I’ve been exposed to lower league football my entire adult life and still naively retain hope of returning to the glory days of the Premier League.

After 32 years, I’m still figuring out how to properly exercise, but I’ve been pretty good at working out and going to the gym in recent years and hope that continues. Beer and pizza continue to be the thing that holds me back, however.  That, as well as reading non-fiction, listening to podcasts and learning Polish (long story) are more recent past-times I am trying to take seriously with varying success.

Travelling is probably my main passion out of everything…well I guess the eating and drinking you get to do while travelling is. In my 20’s (sad face) I was here there and everywhere. I spent 2 years in Poland teaching English as well as spending 4 summers in a row in Italy and Austria doing the same. The USA, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine are a few others which I have been lucky enough to add to the list of countries I’ve visited and worked in. I have many more countries on the bucket list, but with the dog, we’ll see what she agrees to. It might be Devon & Cornwall for the foreseeable unless I grow a pair and learn to drive on the wrong side in Europe!

That’s pretty much me 🙂 If you’ve read all this, well done you! If you’ve decided I’m the person you want to shoot your wedding, get in touch! It would be great hearing from you. 


My Style

How I’ll approach your wedding day….

My style of photography is ‘documentary’ based 95% of the time.  I’ll stay out your way for the most part, observe what’s going on and shoot whatever is unfolding in front of me. This, in my opinion, gives the truest, most authentic retelling of your day, as it happened, without any influence or interference from myself (apart from a little time to do a few nice portraits of you guys).

I’ll be there not just as a photographer, but as a friendly face for the day. I’ll do my best to make sure you’re feeling comfortable for the big day and be on hand for anything you need from the early morning make up and hair sessions through till the late night shapes on the dancefloor all whilst keeping my camera in hand and capturing the best moments of the day.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, it would be lovely to hear from you. Even if not, I just want to wish you the best wedding day ever. It was the best day of my life getting married, and I truly hope it is for you too 🙂

Take care,