Eastwell Manor Wedding, Kent

An Eastwell Manor wedding in Kent isn’t what you’d call local for a Sheffield wedding photographer like myself. It was an 8 hour round trip and got me back to Sheffield at close to 2 in the morning pumped full of red bull and sports mixture. Was it worth it? Abso-fucking-lutely! 

On my drive down to Kent, that buzz you get was already in full flow knowing it was going to be an absolute scorcher. Thankfully, I was wearing a sweat patch friendly outfit which should be a necessity of all wedding photographers if you ask me. 

On arrival at Eastwell Manor, you could tell it was a classy establishment for a wedding. Functioning as a spa hotel predominantly this massive neo-Elizabethan manor house in the heart of rural Kent isn’t half striking.  On this occasion, it was Oliwia and Andy’s turn to tie the knot and what an event this wedding turned out to be. 

With Andy awaiting in the ceremony room with the hundred or so wedding guests, Oliwia and her bridal party made their way down the grand staircase with the resident pianist of Eastwell Manor playing her down the hall to the ceremony room to a nervous, but extremely thrilled groom. 

Once married, the reception spilled out onto the patio into the basking sunshine where the wedding guests enjoyed the staples of prosecco and beer. It is times like these where Eastwell Manor can really come into its own for a wedding. The large outdoor steps which lead down to the immaculate, expansive gardens gave us the scene for the confetti shots of all confetti shots. Oliwia and Andy’s joy as they make their way through a shit tonne of dead petals is an all time shot. There’s a reason why it’s the first image you see when you come onto my website! 

After some questionable Polish pronunciation from the groom and a classic best man joke referencing the popular Welsh beach resort of Bangor, the end of the speeches gave way to another period of lull. By this time, the sun was starting to go down and that’s when photographers start to lick their lips and drool with excitement for golden hour. There was no difference here, especially as we were able to take Oliwia and Andy on a grand tour of the grounds of Eastwell Manor which made for some simply stunning frames to add to their wedding album. 

A choreographed dance and some questionable dance moves from the wedding guests followed into the evening as the darkness decended. Some tasty buffet food later and it was time for the long journey back to Sheffield after a brilliant day down in Kent at the beautiful Eastwell Manor. I hope to be back soon for another wedding! 

Eastwell Manor Confetti Shot
Portraits in the grounds of Eastwell Manor
Golden hour portraits at Eastwell Manor
Bridesmaid and mother of the bride at Eastwell Manor
Picking out the confetti at Eastwell Manor
Golden Hour Portraits at Eastwell Manor
The Bouquet toss at Eastwell Manor
The confetti kiss at Eastwell Manor
A walk in the gardens at Eastwell Manor
A toast to the bride and groom at Eastwell Manor
Picking up the brides dress at Eastwell Manor